Hottest Food & Beverage Trends in Restaurant & Hotel Dining

Could be rough going for restaurants in 2017: delivery-only food startups; boarding house dinners in people’s homes; suppliers opening their own restaurants, meal kits … all are growing threats. Biggest issue is how falling food prices are hurting the bottom line. Exciting changes in vegetables but artisan butchers strike back. Breakfast morphs into brunch. Playing with frozen desserts. Plus 23 buzzwords.


August FoodBytes

In this month’s FoodBytes, uncover how suppliers can help operators meet their customers’ LTO expectations and create buzz with this sneak peek into our Blueprint for LTO Success Keynote Report. Discover consumers’ favorite types of beverage LTOs and the opportunities for dessert LTOs. Also learn new concept testing best practices for LTOs and how they are most commonly promoted.

Datassential – FoodBytes – August 2017

Salty Snacks

Snacks as a stress reliever among latest trends identified by CSNews editors.   When surveyed in the 2017 Convenience Store News Forecast Study, one retailer described the salty snacks category — which remains impulse-driven — as “hot.”

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In the 2017 Guide to Candy & Snacks, CSNews editors provided the latest trends in confection.  As one category executive puts it: “Confection is still one of the largest and advantaged snacking categories” for convenience store retailers.

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Organic food sales are setting records as more mainstream Americans fill their shopping carts with everything from eggs to gummy fruit snacks.

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