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Ahold Delhaize will roll out small, automated warehouses

Ahold Delhaize will roll out small, automated warehouses to speed order picking and cut delivery times, as it revamps its e-commerce business in response to rising competition. The company will automate order collection at mini “robot supermarkets” attached to the stores of its U.S. chains like Stop & Shop, teaming up with Takeoff, a startup which builds small warehouses that stack groceries to save space and use robot arms to assemble shoppers’ orders. The warehouses cost about $3 million to build, which Takeoff says is less than the cost of a typical store revamp, reported Reuters.

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FreshDirect’s private label hones in on transparency and local sourcing

In just six years, FreshDirect’s Just brand has become a household name with shoppers in the northeast. Encompassing a wide range of fresh and shelf-stable products, the private line has evolved considerably in that time and now plays an important role in the e-grocer’s fight to win over shoppers in some of the most competitive markets in the country.

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Walmart is building ‘town centers’ in its parking lots — and it could redefine the one-stop shop

The retail giant is transforming extra parking lot space into “town centers” at Walmart [stores] in several states. These new hubs would feature a “carefully curated mix” of “local, regional, and national” retail tenants, according to a website for the project, not to mention green spaces and, in certain cases, parking systems overhauled to better facilitate the store’s grab-and-go services.

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Albertsons testing robotic system for online orders

Albertsons will test a robotic system from Takeoff Technologies to help assemble online orders, the company announced. In a test project, a portion of stores will be set aside with the most popular items for online orders, which will be moved quickly via conveyors to an employee for packing.

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