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Effectiveness of in-store demos a question in digital age

In-store demonstrations and sampling are a traditional way to boost sales, but it’s an open question as to whether they are as effective in the digital age, Gina Ashe of ThirdChannel writes. Employing representatives who can properly run and experiment with demos in order to collect data that will help drive sales is an important move in today’s retail environment, she writes.

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How fresh, frozen foods present an opportunity for cross-promotion

Food retailers can use cross-promotion to boost sales in the fresh and frozen sections through strategies including placing mobile freezers in the fresh department or using seasonal pairings to create an occasion for putting a display of fresh food in the frozen aisle, industry experts said. To avoid the challenges associated with the logistics of physically cross-promoting foods between the fresh and frozen sections, retailers can also consider using price-point promotions that connect foods across the store, such as apples and frozen pie shells, they said.

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When is Comes to Advertising, What is Key?

With the transformation of the advertising industry over the past several years, it’s important for advertisers to understand how the different levers of advertising affect sales so they can make better, more informed decisions about how to plan their campaigns.

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