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CPG E-Commerce: How to Get it Right

Almost 70 percent of U.S. grocery shoppers have not bought CPG products online. But that is about to change. This year, digital marketing will influence 77 percent of all retail sales – this represents a $2 trillion revenue opportunity. There’s a huge upside for brands and retailers that get e-commerce right.  How can you uncover this new revenue potential? IRI offers two new guides.

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Special Report: “Center Store” Goods in the Omnichannel Age

Center Store Goods in the Omnichannel Age” explores the attitudes and behaviors of online grocery-shoppers toward traditional “center store” (CS) products—think breakfast cereal, canned vegetables, laundry detergent, and other packaged groceries and household essentials—in today’s increasingly digital, omnichannel marketplace.

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The US supermarket remains a locally focused haven

With all the talk of e-commerce and home delivery, the well-run supermarket remains a pleasing and welcoming place outside the home for Americans, David Landsel writes. Looking in a grocery store gives you insight into the people in a place — what they eat and how they act in public, he writes.

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