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The most popular frozen food in every state

Pizza, vegetables and spinach are the top-searched frozen foods in the US, based on Google News Labs data from 2004-18 analyzed by Insider. The state-by-state data reveal unique results, with pierogies the most popular frozen food in Arkansas and strawberry margaritas topping the list in Maine.

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Walmart to Debut High-Tech Consolidation Center

Walmart Inc. has revealed plans to open a 340,000-square-foot high-tech consolidation center in Colton, Calif., this July – the first in the company’s supply chain to receive, sort and ship freight via automated technology that “will enable three times more volume to flow throughout the center .

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Analyzing shoppers’ choices at the meat counter

Pork shoppers tend to spend more money at the supermarket than beef or chicken shoppers, and make more frequent grocery shopping trips, according to the “Dinner at Home in America” report from the National Pork Board. The report analyzes how shoppers make their decisions on when to buy meats, including what occasions they shop for and how that influences their decisions.

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“Adventurous consumers” comprise bigger group than millennials

“Adventurous consumers” make up a bigger and broader group than millennials, and lead the top trends expected to take hold in 2019, according to research from Innova Market Insights. “In the past, people made fun of eating raw fish, kimchi was a punchline of many jokes, but now there are so many foods and flavors which have gone much more mainstream, that we maybe never expected,” said Innova’s Lu Ann Williams.

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U.S. consumer demand for chicken is waning as beef and pork become more popular

U.S. consumer demand for chicken is waning as beef and pork become more popular amid reduced U.S. pork exports to China and Mexico. Per capita chicken consumption is expected to rise only about 1.2% in 2019, compared to gains of 4.3% for pork and 2.6% for beef, according to USDA. Quick-service restaurant chains released 54 new hamburgers through September, up about a third from 2017, while releases of chicken products fell 14%, according to Datassential.

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