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A flurry of product launches in the UK and US suggests skincare made with food ingredients is set to gain momentum. Although it’s currently fairly niche, there is potential to develop mainstream offerings that are formulated with nutritive food ingredients for healthier skin.

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Beauty Spot: Targeting age diversity

The beauty industry is striving for diversity and aiming to grow more inclusive of gender, race and age. While brands and retailers are increasingly using women of all ages in advertising and market campaigns, Millennial shoppers still remain a focus for most color cosmetics brands.

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Suppliers see strong demand for ethnic fruits

US sales of mangoes, papayas and other tropical and ethnic fruits are on the rise as the country’s population becomes increasingly diverse, suppliers say. “These fruits and veggies may have been introduced by others with native cuisines from afar, but sales are growing and growing beyond ethnic demographics,” said Mary Ostlund, marketing director for Brooks Tropicals.

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Yogurt retail sales remained depressed.  Year-to-date, through Q3 2017, sales volume was down -5.3 percent. This volume decline continues the softer sales trend observed for yogurt in the latter half of 2016. Certain  yogurt segments continue to see strong growth. Contributing the largest volume to growth are yogurt drinks (up 16.5%)  and whole fat yogurts (up 20.5%).

Quarterly Top Line – Yogurt_Q3 2017

DMI Quarterly Yogurt Snapshot – Q3 2017


Consumers are seeking more nutrition from the foods and beverages they buy, and fiber can help with sugar reduction, weight and energy management, satiety, digestion, and more. Meet demand for the nutrition benefits of fiber in more applications while delivering the eating experiences your consumers love with help from our latest research.



As consumer interest in fresh food heightens, so does the focus on product offerings. While not historically prominent in the produce department, brands now play an increasingly important role in the department’s success.

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