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Baked Goods

As ethnic baked foods and snacks become more ubiquitous in American culture, opportunities abound for bakers and snack makers. 

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Coffee & Tea

The coffee market is beginning to imitate what has happened in craft beer, with local brands catching fire and growing into regional or national products thanks to a consumer demand for high-quality, artisanal products.

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Eating- and living-well trends imply robust sales of kitchen tools, gadgets, serveware and more this year.

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Worldwide demand for seafood is expected to double in the next 20 years, and 32% of the world’s fish are already depleted. As these issues enter public consciousness, people are not only looking for more sustainable seafood, but are also increasingly seeking alternative options.



After years of imitation and confusion on store shelves, the yogurt category is undergoing a revolution with new, distinguishable products and packaging.

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Meal Kits

Nine percent of consumers have purchased a meal kit, and 25% would consider trying one in the next six months, according to Nielsen. In-store meal kits generated $154.6 million in sales during 2017, growing more than 26% year-over-year.

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Dark, intriguing flavors trending in dairy departments

Clean, simple, pure vanilla flavor bases, often with a swirl or side of something delicious, dominated the refrigerated and frozen dairy product aisles in 2017. However, after Cyclone Enawo hit Madagascar in March 2017, reportedly destroying almost a third of the country’s vanilla crop, dairy foods manufacturers recognized their 2018 innovations would need to take a different characterizing flavor pathway. That turned out to be chocolate.

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Top 10 Findings Of The Power Of Meat 2018

The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education—the foundation for the North American Meat Institute—have released their 13th annual exploration into the meat planning, shopping and consumption habits of consumers. “The Power of Meat 2018” identifies megatrends influencing meat purchases, including transparency; convenience; value; personalization; customer service; and health and wellness.

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Avoidance of sugar remains a macro trend.  I.R.I. surveys showed sugar and Splenda purchases were expected to decline in the next 12 months, while stevia and honey purchases were seen growing.

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Despite consumers being more open to alternatives, meat sales are expected to grow in the coming year, according to a survey by Progressive Grocer. The survey showed that 80% of those surveyed expected to see sales grow in 2018 after dealing with price deflation the year before.

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