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Look at the Changing Beauty Landscape

Summer is right around the corner in the U.S. And many of us will likely be spending some time in the beauty and personal care aisles this season, whether we’re searching for a foundation that includes sunscreen in its formula or a new deodorant to help beat the heat.

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By exploring consumer trends and understanding what drives purchases of packaged versus deli varieties, grocers could revive the segment.

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Nut Alternatives

Some people may enjoy the texture of walnuts in ice cream or the crunchiness and flavor of almonds in chocolate. Other people may have trouble delighting in such treats because of allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. Innovative ingredients and flavors are making that type of treat possible for them.

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Dog Food

With the launch last week of Wag, its private label dry dog food, Amazon is living up to its promise to grow its pet business overall — and is posing a greater threat to pet market players both online and in-store.

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Cold Coffee

Cold brew coffee may have up to twice the caffeine as conventional hot brewed coffee, but research done by Kerry found that the beverage’s flavor profile provides an even stronger draw for consumers to the category.

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Buns have long been a vessel for many popular foods. They are portable, accessible and easily paired with hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches. But a sizable percentage of sales occurs on seasonal waves.

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Meat Snacks

It was not too long ago that the meat snack category featured two basic applications: strips and sticks. As the protein trend has accelerated, manufacturers are positioning themselves for future success and adding a variety of new flavors and formats to capitalize on the trend.

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The fastest-growing savory snack in the country, and one of the deli’s most on-trend eats—cheese is giving grocers cause for celebration.

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Today tea is consumed by more people and in greater quantity than any beverage except water. The flavor of tea is due to volatile oils, its stimulating properties to caffeine, and its astringency to the tannin content. In all parts of the world, tea-like beverages are made from the leaves or flowers of a wide variety of other plants, often for their medicinal properties.

Tea seasonality

Pet Care

Despite flat food sales, consumers are eager to keep their pets happy, healthy and pampered. Given consumers’ willingness to put their pets first, what’s the next lever that brands and retailers can pull to tap into a market with plenty of runway out in front of it?