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Poultry Reigns as the Most Popular Protein

Plant-based foods may be dominating headlines lately, but when it comes to driving profit and customer loyalty, the meat case is still supreme. And though consumers are increasingly interested in exploring a variety of cuts and types of meat, poultry continues to win the popularity contest among shoppers due to its value, versatility, health attributes and convenience.

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Retailers continue to invest in organic produce

Organic fruits and vegetables reached $16.5 billion in sales in 2017, and fresh produce made up 90% of those purchases, which has “prompted retailers to launch products under their own private-label brands,” said Organic Trade Association CEO Laura Batcha.

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Pet Food

Sales of pet food are expected to climb approximately 2-3% annually through 2023, Mintel projects. However, an increasingly crowded market and rising price points in the marketplace could be leading the pet food market toward potential saturation, writes Annie Gasparro.

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U.S. consumer demand for chicken is waning as beef and pork become more popular

U.S. consumer demand for chicken is waning as beef and pork become more popular amid reduced U.S. pork exports to China and Mexico. Per capita chicken consumption is expected to rise only about 1.2% in 2019, compared to gains of 4.3% for pork and 2.6% for beef, according to USDA. Quick-service restaurant chains released 54 new hamburgers through September, up about a third from 2017, while releases of chicken products fell 14%, according to Datassential.

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Chocolate consumption rates among U.S. adults are up 7 percent from a decade ago but have slipped in recent years, according to data in a new report by market research firm Packaged Facts.

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Craft meats

Protein snacks are hot, as are all things artisan. That’s good news for producers of craft meats sold in grocery delis.

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Self Care

Self-care has become a disruptive consumer macro trend that is rippling across the industry. CPG brands and retailers must understand how this trend is impacting their own portfolios and channels, as well as those of competitors.



Functional beverage

The market for functional beverages is expanding. Energy and digestive health remain two of the leading category trends, but inroads are being made in such categories as sleep, immune support and cognition.

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The Food and Drug Administration provided some clear answers to confusing questions about its fiber definition earlier this year. While the answers involve multisyllable ingredients, the food and beverage industry should be able to connect the ingredients to brand names already on the market.

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